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Fall Mid-Semester 8-week Courses

These accelerated classes will get you in and out of the classroom in just 8 weeks. Mid-semester full-credit, short-timeframe classes are perfect if you have some extra time to fill in your schedule, are looking to fulfill a certification, or close a gap in your portfolio.

Course Title Course Name Credits Start Date
College Essentials SDV-199-W016 1 10/26/2020
Composition I ENG-105-W006 3 10/26/2020
Computer Business Applications BCA-215-W002 3 10/26/2020
Intro to A & P for Coaching PEC-122-W001 1 10/5/2020
Intro to Physical Education PEH-161-W001 2 10/26/2020
Intro to Theatre, TV and Film DRA-119-W002 3 10/26/2020
Introduction to Ethics PHI-105-W004 3 10/26/2020
Introduction to Psychology PSY-111-W003 3 10/26/2020
Introduction to Psychology PSY-111-W006 3 10/26/2020
Introduction to Sociology SOC-110-W003 3 10/26/2020
Care and Prevention Athletic Injuries PEC-127-H001 2 10/5/2020
Physical Fitness I PEA-146-H001 1 10/26/2020
Public Speaking SPC-112-W008 3 10/26/2020
Public Speaking SPC-112-W010 3 10/26/2020
Yoga/Stretching I PEA-190-H002 1 10/26/2020