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Fall Mid-Semester 8-week Courses

These accelerated classes will get you in and out of the classroom in just 8 weeks. Mid-semester full-credit, short-timeframe classes are perfect if you have some extra time to fill in your schedule, are looking to fulfill a certification, or close a gap in your portfolio.

Course Name Course Number Start Date Location Credits
Introduction to Accounting ACC-111-W002 11/7/2022 Online 3
Computer Business Applications BCA-215-W002 10/24/2022 Online 3
Health and Nutrition BIO-152-W003 10/24/2022 Online 3
Microbiology BIO-186-N001 10/24/2022 On Campus 4
Introduction to Business BUS-102-W002 10/24/2022 Online 3
Workplace Professionalism BUS-162-W002 10/24/2022 Online 3
Introduction to Theatre, TV and Film DRA-119-H001 10/24/2022 On Campus 3
Personal Finance FIN-121-H001 10/24/2022 On Campus 3
Mastery Math MAT-044B-0003 10/24/2022 On Campus 2
Coaching Ethics, Techniques & Theory PEC-110-W002 10/24/2022 Online 1
Athletic Development & Human Growth PEC-115-W002 10/24/2022 Online 1
Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries PEC-127-W002 10/24/2022 Online 2
Essentials of Exercise Science PEH-105-W001 10/24/2022 Online 1
Principles of Personal Safety Awareness & Self-Defense PEH-181-W001 10/24/2022 Online 2
Strategies for Academic Success SDV-113-H001 10/24/2022 On Campus 2
Introduction to Sociology SOC-110-W005 10/24/2022 Online 3
Interpersonal Communication SPC-122-W002 10/24/2022 Online 3
Exploring Careers WBL-100-H001 10/24/2022 On Campus 3