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Accounting Degree

Opportunities await graduates of NIACC’s Accounting Associate in Applied Science Degree. This program is designed to prepare students for an exciting career in the accounting/bookkeeping job market–a field offering students many dynamic and challenging career opportunities. This program may be completed in four semesters by following the suggested curriculum, or it can be spread over five or more semesters to meet the scheduling needs of the student. The NIACC Business Division is available to assist students with job placement options. For specific transfer options, students should contact the NIACC Business Division or a NIACC counselor.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities may be found in a wide variety of businesses:

    • Agricultural Industries
    • Banks and Financial Institutions
    • Educational Institutions
    • Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies
    • Hospitals and Health Care Providers
    • Insurance Companies

Occupational titles include:

    • Accounting Clerk
    • Accounts Receivable/Payable Manager
    • Bookkeeper
    • Credit Analyst
    • Credit Counselor
    • Contract Administrator
    • Financial Planner
    • Payroll Manager
    • Tax Preparer

Upon successful completion of the Accounting curriculum with a grade point average of 2.00 (C) or higher, the student is awarded an Associate in Applied Science Degree.

Students who have completed the Accounting Diploma program may apply semester hours earned from that program toward an Associate in Applied Science Degree. Students who plan to pursue a four-year degree and need to meet general education requirements of transfer institutions should strive for an Associate in Arts Degree. Several of the first-year requirements are the same for both the A.A.S. and the A.A. Degree.


Tuition is based on the number of credit hours and legal residence and is subject to change or modification. To see the current cost per semester hour click here.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Financial assistance is available in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, and part-time employment (work study). Students apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For more information on Financial Aid click here.

First Year - First Term

ACC-111 Introduction to Accounting 3 s.h.
BCA-215 Computer Business Applications 3 s.h.
BUS-102 Introduction to Business 3 s.h.
Business Elective(s) 6 s.h.
15 s.h.
Second Term
ACC-121 Principles of Accounting I 3 s.h.
ACC-311 Computer Accounting* 3 s.h.
BCA-152 Comprehensive Spreadsheets** 3 s.h.
BUS-121 Business Communications
OR BUS-130 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
OR BUS-161 Human Relations
OR General Education elective
3 s.h.
(3 s.h.)
(3 s.h.)
(3 s.h.)
BUS-162 Workplace Professionalism 3 s.h.
15 s.h.
Second Year - Third Term
ACC-122 Principles of Accounting II*** 3 s.h.
ACC-161 Payroll Accounting**** 3 s.h.
ENG-105 Composition I 3 s.h.
Business Elective(s) 3 s.h.
Natural Science/Mathematics Elective(s) 3 s.h.
15 s.h.
Fourth Term
ACC-135 Personal Income Tax 3 s.h.
BUS-185 Business Law I 3 s.h.
ENG-106 Composition II***** 3 s.h.
Business Elective(s) 6 s.h.
15 s.h.
Total Program Hours 60 s.h.

*Prerequisite: ACC-111 Introduction to Accounting.
**Prerequisite: BCA-101 Introduction to Computers and Information Systems or BCA-215 Computer Business Applications.
***Prerequisite: ACC-121 Principles of Accounting I or equivalent.
****Prerequisite: ACC-111 Introduction to Accounting or ACC-121 Principles of Accounting I with a grade of C or higher.
*****Prerequisite: ENG-105 Composition I.

+If you anticipate achieving a two-year degree, enroll in a Business Elective your first year and BUS-162 Workplace Professionalism your second year, preferably the Fourth Term.

Check here for a list of Business Electives.