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Diesel Technology Degree

The Diesel Technology program is designed to provide training in the diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of heavy-duty agricultural equipment, over-the-road diesel trucks, and other heavy-duty diesel systems. The Diesel Technology program will provide training in entry-level skills of mechanical, electrical and fuel systems, power trains, brake systems, air conditioning, welding and hydraulics.

Entrance Advising

Due to the highly technical nature of the Diesel program and NIACC’s commitment to giving students the best possible opportunity for success, students will be scheduled for advisement sessions with counselors and program personnel. In these sessions, the student’s career plans, previous background, transcriptions, test scores, life experiences, and motivation will aid in designing a positive educational experience.

Career Opportunities

Completion of this program prepares graduates for employment in various occupational areas:

    • Construction companies
    • Consumer product dealerships
    • Engine machine shops
    • Farm agricultural repair shops
    • Heavy equipment shops
    • Independent repair shops
    • Truck stops

Upon successful completion of the Diesel Technology curriculum with a grade point average of 2.00 (C) or higher, the student is awarded an Associate in Applied Science Degree.


Tuition is based on the number of credit hours and legal residence and is subject to change or modification. To see the current cost per semester hour click here.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Financial assistance is available in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, and part-time employment (work study). Students apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For more information on Financial Aid click here.

First Year - First Term

AUT-113 Transportation Fundamentals 3 s.h.
DSL-101 Diesel Shop Safety 1 s.h.
DSL-636 Air Systems and Brakes* 4 s.h.
DSL-644 Steering and Suspension* 4 s.h.
SDV-199 College Essentials 1 s.h.
13 s.h.
Second Term
DSL-142 Electrical Systems** 3 s.h.
DSL-356 Diesel Engines I** 6 s.h.
ENG-701 Communications I 3 s.h.
MAT-801 Applied Math A*** 1 s.h.
MAT-802 Applied Math B**** 1 s.h.
MAT-803 Applied Math C***** 1 s.h.
15 s.h.
Third Term
AUT-704 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning+ 4 s.h.
DSL-806 Class A CDL Driving Course+ 4 s.h.
8 s.h.
Second Year - Fourth Term
BUS-130 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
OR Other General Education elective course
3 s.h.
(3 s.h.)
BUS-162 Workplace Professionalism 3 s.h.
DSL-428 Electronic Engine Controls** 6 s.h.
DSL-445 Diesel Fuel Systems** 3 s.h.
15 s.h.
Fifth Term
DSL-534 Drive Trains** 4 s.h.
DSL-834 Preventative Maintenance /Inspections** 5 s.h.
ELT-788 Fluid Power I 2 s.h.
ENG-702 Communications II+++ 3 s.h.
14 s.h.
Total Program Hours 65 s.h.

*Corequisite: DSL-101 Diesel Shop Safety
**Prerequisite: DSL-101 Diesel Shop Safety
***Prerequisite: COMPASS Pre-Algebra score of at least 49, or ACT math score of at least 16, or MAT-063 Pre-Algebra with a grade of C or higher, or Accuplacer Arithmetic score of at least 59, or Accuplacer Elementary Algebra score of at least 50, or Accuplacer College Math score of at least 21.
****Prerequisite: COMPASS Pre-Algebra score of at least 49, or ACT math score of at least 16, or MAT-063 Pre-Algebra with a grade of C or higher, or Accuplacer Arithmetic score of at least 59, or Accuplacer Elementary Algebra score of at least 50, or Accuplacer College Math score of at least 21.
*****Prerequisite: MAT-801 Applied Math A and MAT-802 Applied Math B with a grade of C or higher, or by permission of the instructor.

+ Prerequisite: DSL-101 Diesel Shop Safety or permission of the instructor.
++Prerequisite: ENG-701 Communications I+.

1/4″ Drive

Handled driver
Universal joint
2” extension
4” extension
6” extension
3/16” – 9/16” shallow 6 point sockets
3/16” – 9/16” deep 6 point sockets
5mm – 15mm shallow 6 point sockets

3/8” Drive

Standard handle ratchet
Locking flex head ratchet
Universal joint

  • 3/8” internal drive – 1/2” external drive
  • 3/8” internal drive – 1/4” external drive

1” extension
3” extension
6” extension
11” extension
1/4” – 7/8” shallow 6 point sockets
1/4” – 7/8” deep 6 point sockets
8mm – 19mm shallow 6 point sockets
8mm – 19mm deep 6 point sockets
4mm – 10mm hex sockets
T8 – t55 torx sockets
5/8” spark plug socket
13/16” spark plug socket

1/2″ Drive impact sockets

Standard handle ratchet
18” breaker bar

  • 1/2″ internal drive – 3/8” external drive

5” extension
11” extension
3/8” – 1 1/8” shallow 6 point sockets
12mm – 24mm shallow 12 point sockets
50-250 ft lbs torque wrench


3/8” – 1 1/8” combination wrenches
10mm – 24mm combination wrenches
12” adjustable wrench
1/4″ – 13/16” flare wrenches
9mm – 21mm flare wrenches


Ratcheting screwdriver
6 piece screwdriver set
Pick set
Radiator hose pick

Prybars / Scrapers / Punches

8” prybar
12” prybar
18” prybar
24” prybar
7/8” blade width rigid carbon scraper
1 1/4″ blade width chisel / scraper
Center, pin, starter, flat 11 piece chisel set


8” needle nose pliers
6” needle nose pliers
Internal / external convertible retaining ring pliers
Awg 10 – 20 wire stripper / cutter
Tongue & groove pliers
Slip joint pliers
Diagonal side cutters


Telescoping inspection mirror
Magnetic pick up tool
24 oz deadblow ball peen hammer
12’ measuring tape
Steel toe leather work boots
Saftey glasses

All tools must be professional grade tools

Tools are a part of your resume in this industry!

snap-on-logoNIACC has partnered with Snap On to provide students the opportunity to purchase these high quality, professional grade tools at an extensive discount. If you wish to discuss this with a NIACC Instructor you may contact:

Rob Heimbuch Auto 1 641-422-4155
Gerrot Jacobson Auto 2 641-422-4263
Denny Salz Diesel 1 & 2 641-422-4190
Dan Prather Snap-on Representative 319-505-7726
NIACC Bookzone 641-422-4500

The entire tool list for each program is available for order through the College Bookzone bookstore located in the Activity Center or call 641-422-4500