Emergency Medical Technician

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Emergency Medical Technicians can transport patients that are sick or injured. This 130-hour course provides the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform emergency care and transport. It includes a Preparatory Module, Function and Development of the Human Body Module, Pharmacology Module, Airway Management Module, Patient Assessment Module, Medical Emergencies Module, Shock Module, Trauma Module, Special Patient Populations Module, and EMS Operations Module. An additional 18 hours of hospital-based clinical and 12 hours of ambulance ride time is required. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be eligible to test for EMS certification through the National Registry of EMT’s.

Entrance Requirements for EMT:

  1. Must be at least 17 years of age at the time of enrollment.
  2. Must be able to speak, write and read English proficiently.
  3. Must be physically and emotionally capable of performing all functions and skills of an EMT.
  4. Must possess maturity of judgment and sound moral character.
  5. Must provide documentation of current certification in BLS for Healthcare Providers.
  6. A physical examination, immunization record, and background check is required prior to beginning the hospital or field clinical portion of the course.

Note: A criminal background check and adult/dependent abuse checks will be required. Drug testing may also be required by individual agencies. Results of these checks will be used by contracted clinical facilities to determine clinical eligibility. Costs for background checks will be included in tuition costs. All other costs will be the responsibility of the student.