Prior Learning Assessment

Are you interested in earning college credit for your life experience?  If so, then completing a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) may be the right course for you.

The NIACC PLA program will show you how to put together a portfolio that details your life experience and matches it to specific courses in the College curriculum.  You may earn credit for knowledge you have acquired through:

  • Work experience
  • Employer training programs
  • Military experience
  • Volunteer or community service
  • Personal experience

Your first step will be to meet with PLA counselor Chris Frenz,, 641-422-4258, to determine which NIACC degree, certificate, or diploma you want to pursue. Only career/technical and elective credits are eligible to be awarded through the PLA process.

Scholarships are available. Ask the PLA counselor about how you can get your first PLA course tuition free!

A total of 30 semester hours of credit, or 50% of the total credits required for the chosen program, can be earned through this process.  You will need to demonstrate that you have acquired the learning, knowledge, skills, and competencies that match the learning outcomes of the NIACC credit class.  Learn more about the Portfolio Rubric Review on page 34 of the Student Handbook.

Contact: Chris Frenz,, 641-422-4258