Summer Classes

Summer is a great time to pick up some extra credits at NIACC. Tuition cost are low, classes are close to home, credits transfer to other schools, and it’s a way for high school juniors and seniors to get a head start on college.

NIACC offers 2 summer sessions so you can sign up at a time that is most convenient for you.

Check out the NIACC Summer Class schedule and get a head start on your academic career. If you are a college student at another college or university, make sure to check out our summer general education courses and see how to transfer these courses to your college.

Session 1 : May 15 – June 9
Session 2: June 12 – July 21
To register for Summer Courses, complete the following steps
  1. Apply to NIACC and receive your student ID. This step is not necessary to complete again if you have done so within the past 2 years.
  2. Search for sections: Download the Step-by-Step Guide to Search for Sections and find the courses you want to register for. (This is not required for NIACC’s ed2go classes)
  3. Register for Classes

For Online Summer Classes, please follow the Online Course Registration Process.

Important to Note:

All students must consult with an Academic Counselor prior to registering.

New Students – first time registering for classes – will not be able to register until the day after the online Application for Admission has been submitted and have consulted with an Academic Counselor.

Some classes have prerequisites (classes you must complete beforehand) or special requirements—check the course descriptions. You may also view the College Catalog.

If taking an online course, contact your instructor by e-mail prior to the start of the class.

All registered students should be familiar with the current College Catalog and Student Handbook which details all college policies. (Available on our NIACC website).

For more information, contact the NIACC Student Development Office:
1-888-GO NIACC ext. 4207 (1-888-466-4222) or 641-422-4207,
or fill out the Counselor Contact Form.