VA Important Enrollment Information

Enrollment Certification

In order for the school to submit enrollment information, it is the veteran’s responsibility to notify the VA Certifying Official of their intent to use benefits.  The veteran must notify the VA Certifying Official  every term in which they choose to receive benefits.

Upon notification from the student, the VA Certifying Official is responsible to notify the Department of Veterans Affairs of the enrollment at NIACC.  The VA Certifying Official will submit course information; including beginning and end dates, course credits, and delivery format.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will use certification of enrollment information to determine amount of benefits.    Students will receive benefits for courses that are used to meet graduation requirements for their declared program of study.  It is the student’s responsibility to insure that the classes are going to count towards graduation requirements.


Students requesting veteran’s benefits are required to attend class.  If you stop attending classes, you must notify the VA Certifying Official immediately.  The VA Certifying Official will notify the VA Regional Office, which could cause an overpayment and debt owed to the government.  Veterans must also notify the VA Certifying Official if they change program of study or change their class schedule.  It is important that the VA Certifying Official notify the VA Regional Office as soon as possible in order to insure continuance of benefits.

Verification of Enrollment

With the exception of Chpt 31, Chpt 33, and Chpt 35, VA students must verify their enrollment by one of two ways. This verification needs to take place on the last day, or after for each month enrolled.  The two ways are as follows:

  1. Call (877) 823-2378
  2. Log on to the VA’s website at

The VA will not send payment until verification has occurred.


Education benefits from the VA are paid one month in arrears.