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Online Learning

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Is online learning for me?

Take NIACC’s online class survey to gain a better idea whether online classes are a good idea for you.
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In addition, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How well do I manage my time?
    All college classes require use of time management skills to be effective, but with online courses time management is even more important.  There is no face-to-face contact with an instructor providing reminders of due dates.  It is your responsibility to keep track of assignments.  Due dates are often set up for online classes but keeping track of them and making sure your assignments are complete can be a challenge until good time management skills are learned.
  2. Does my disability affect my ability to process and comprehend written information?
    Online classes require much more reading on your own because there’s not an instructor providing lecture and group discussion in the way an in-class course is set up.  Most of the material available to you will be from your textbooks and information provided by your instructor in written format via our Canvas learning management system.
  3. Am I comfortable with the use of technology?
    There may be more technology involved in an online class than many of us realize.  You must know how to navigate your computer, access links, send attachments, and much more.  If you are unsure of your computer skills, you may want to rethink taking an online class until your computer skills have improved.
  4. Will the assistive technology that I use be compatible with the
    online software program that NIACC uses?

    If you use assistive technology (AT), such as text to speech software, etc., you will want to ensure that it’s compatible with our Canvas online software.  Keep in mind, if you’re used to using AT on campus, but have decided to access your online class from home, it is your responsibility to purchase your own AT.  The AT we use is meant for campus use and will not be provided in your home.
  5. What are my expectations for the course?
    Think about what you expect out of the course.  For example, if you like and expect immediate feedback from your instructor, your expectations will most likely not be met.  Instructors are not able to respond immediately since each student and the instructor will be accessing the class on “their time.”  You should find out as much as you can about the format of the online course and what is required to successfully complete the course.

Take the time, ahead of time, to research online learning and find out whether it’s for you.