Art Gallery

Art Gallery

The NIACC Gallery is open to the public and offers a variety of works by artists from all locations. This is a beautiful space where artists can display their art for the public to enjoy.

Since we are on a college campus, this is also a great learning opportunity for our students. The possibilities are endless. We welcome solo or group shows. We welcome art exhibits from all types of medium, including paintings, photography, sculptures, or installation art.

The main purpose of the NIACC Gallery is to advance the level of work created by the students taking art classes. This will hopefully encourage them to transfer to a four year degree program.

Exhibition dates for the NIACC Art Gallery

Jan.5-Feb 12

Feb.16-April 13,2016.
Rita Kirsch Dungey – Painting & Mixed media.
John Rodman – Photographs

Corn Bowl Conference Art Show
Annual Corn bowl exhibit featuring the following schools: St. Ansgar, Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock, Central Springs, Northwood-Kensett, West Fork, North Butler, Nashua-Plainfield, and Riceville.

April 24 – August 26
NIACC Permanent Collection

Past Artist Talk