The NIACC Foundation

A Gift Now – Outright Gifts

No gift to the NIACC Foundation is too small. All contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Cash Gifts
Making a donation of cash is as simple as writing a check or authorizing a charge on your credit card. From your standpoint, it’s no fuss, no bother. Find out how The NIACC Foundation can put your contribution to work without delay.

Stocks and Bonds
Current market conditions have created ideal giving opportunities for these appreciated assets. If you held the asset more than one year, you can deduct its fair market value up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income and owe no capital gains taxes from its transfer to the NIACC Foundation. To transfer stock to the NIACC Foundation, a temporary NIACC Foundation account needs to be set up using the NIACC Foundation’s tax identification number (contact the NIACC Foundation Office for this number). The stock is then transferred from your account into the new NIACC Foundation account. As soon as NIACC is notified about the stock transfer, the stock is immediately sold.

Real Estate
You can give private, commercial, or agricultural property to the NIACC Foundation. If your property has decreased in value, you should consider selling it and contributing the proceeds to receive both capital loss and charitable gift deductions. We prefer that you contact us during the early stages of your planning so we can jointly decide the best use of the property by the Foundation.

Gifts of corn, soybeans, cattle, or hogs are viable options for those involved in agriculture and can provide significant tax benefits.

The Foundation accepts equipment that can be of some use by the College or can be quickly sold. It is best to contact the Foundation Office to discuss potential equipment before making such a gift. You also must obtain an appraisal for equipment contributions over $5000.

Personal Property
Works of art, books, vehicles, etc. are considered gifts of personal property. Your deduction will depend on the appraised value and how the gift will be used by the Foundation or the College.