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Karate Club

NIACC Karate Club

The NIACC Karate Club is a student organization that regularly meets to train traditional JKA/Shotokan Karate on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30-8:00 throughout the year.


The purpose of the NIACC Karate Club is to give students the opportunity to train in a traditional Japanese Budo, thereby exposing them to the martial arts of Japan and exposing to aspects of Far Eastern and Japanese culture. Students also develop self-defense and fighting skills along with participating in a physical activity by which they may improve their overall health. Finally, students enjoy the social aspect of participating and learning in an activity with other like-minded individuals.


Students meet a minimum of twice a week to train for 1 and a half hours each meeting at the JKA North Iowa Dojo. Students should consistently meet to train at the appointed times. Students are expected to follow the Dojo (training hall) rules of etiquette and are expected to exercise appropriate social behavior outside of the dojo; students may be barred from training should they engage in provocative or violent behaviors. As a NIACC club, we ask that two members serve as club officers: president and secretary-treasurer.

How to Join

Contact Borden Plunkett:

Karate Club membership is open to all NIACC students, faculty, and staff who are interested in practicing a traditional Karate and are willing to observe its customs and expectation of courtesy and diligence. While there is no cost associated with training or membership, students are required to purchase a plain, white Karate uniform should they decide to continue with training.

Club Advisor

Borden Plunkett: The chief instructor and advisor to the club, Borden Plunkett has trained traditional Karate for over 30 years and has a fifth degree black-belt in JKA/Shotokan Karate and a third degree black-belt in Wado-Ryu Karate. Plunkett has served on the board of examiners for the Great Lakes Region of the American Amateur Karate Federation. Assistant instructor, Nate Deets, who holds a third degree black-belt in JKA/Shotokan, serves as an assistant instructor.