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Register with NIACC Disability Services

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The student is a vital source of information in providing a narrative of his or her experience of disability, barriers, and effective accommodations. Students will communicate with the Disability Services Counselor and complete an intake questionnaire to provide Disability Services with important information.

Ensuring that accommodations provide effective access requires a deliberative and collaborative process that is responsive to the unique experience of each individual. Each situation will be considered individually to understand if and how the student is impacted by the described condition.

Documentation from external sources may be needed to support your request for accommodations. This documentation may include educational or medical records, reports and assessments created by qualified providers, such as health care providers, school psychologists, teachers, or the educational system. All forms of documentation are meaningful and will be used to gain pertinent information about the experience of your disability. This documentation is especially helpful when it reflects your education and accommodation history.

*** Documentation is kept confidential. Information is shared with NIACC faculty and staff on a need to know basis following the guidelines of FERPA, or as directed by the student.

Please note: Transfer institutions or credentialing bodies may have additional requirements before reasonable accommodations will be approved. It is recommended that you contact your transfer institution or credentialing agency for specific information regarding the process of obtaining reasonable accommodations.

Accommodation Process

  1. Register with Disability Services
    1. Intake Questionnaire
    2. Documentation – please provide any documentation you believe to be relevant to your disability and accommodation needs.
  2. Make contact with the Disability Services Counselor to discuss individual needs and complete an Accommodations Request Letter.
      a. Note: An Accommodation Request Letter must be completed each semester with our office since courses and instructors will change.
  3. Students will provide a copy of the Accommodation Request Letter for the instructor of each course that accommodations are requested.


  • NIACC will consider the student’s disability, history, experience, and request, along with the unique characteristics and essential elements of the course, program, or requirement in order to determine whether or not a specific accommodation is reasonable.
  • NIACC provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities on a case-by-case basis.
  • The accommodation letter can be revised at any point during the semester, but accommodations will not be provided retroactively.
  • Although you may request an accommodation from NIACC at any time, you should request them as early as possible. Some accommodations may take more time to provide than others. Requesting accommodations early will help to ensure NIACC Disability Services has enough time to review your request and provide appropriate accommodations.