Courses Available at High Schools

School Partners
Belmond-Klemme Community High School
(Rowan, Goodell, Belmond, and Klemme)

CAL Community High School
(Coulter, Alexander, and Latimer)

Central Springs High School
(Hanlontown, Manly, Nora Springs, Plymouth, and Rock Falls)

Charles City Community High School
(Colwell, Floyd, and Charles City)

Clear Lake High School

Forest City High School
(Fertile, Leland, Forest City, Woden, Crystal Lake)

Garner-Hayfield-Ventura High School

Picture of Hampton-Dumont Logo
Hampton-Dumont High School
(Hansell, Hampton, and Dumont)

Picture of Lake Mills Logo

Lake Mills High School
(Hanlontown, Scarville, Joice, and Lake MIlls)

Picture of Mason City Logo
Mason City High School

Picture of North Butler Logo
North Butler High School
(Greene, Allison, Bristow)

Picture of North Iowa Logo
North Iowa High School
(Buffalo Center, Rake, Thompson, and Lakota)

Picture of Northwood-Kensett Logo
Northwood-Kensett High School

Picture of Osage Logo
Osage Community High School
(Little Cedar, Osage, Orchard, and Mitchell)

Picture of Rockford Logo
Rockford Senior High School
(Rudd, Rockford, and Marble Rock)

Picture of St. Ansgar Logo
St. Ansgar High School
(Bolan, Carpenter, Grafton, McIntire, Meyer, Mona, Otranto, Stacyville, St. Ansgar, and Toeterville)

Picture of West Fork Logo
West Fork High School
(Sheffield, Chapin, Meservey, Thornton, Rockwell, and Swaledale)

Picture of West Hancock Logo

West Hancock Community High School
(Britt and Kanawha)