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Library Course Reserves Policy

NIACC Library Course Reserves Policy for Faculty

The purpose of a Library Reserve Collection is to support the needs of a defined group of library users within the College community (usually students enrolled in a course or course section) by providing access to materials which supplement their required textbooks or other materials.

Reserve materials are maintained behind the library circulation/reference desk and/or on the Library’s website, and access to the material is restricted to those enrolled in the course.

The Library’s course reserve systems respect the rights of copyright holders and the limitations to those rights as specified in current copyright law. The Library reserves the right to refuse to place on course reserve any material that appears to violate copyright law.

The Library will facilitate and assist faculty and staff in placing materials on reserve each semester, including assistance in seeking and archiving permissions as needed, advising on appropriate copies, formats, and loan periods, creating permanent links to online content and working with Web Team to place online content on the library website. Faculty who would like to discuss options for course reserves should contact the library at least a month prior to making items available to students. Faculty and staff who have items on reserve will be contacted by library staff each term to determine if items can stay on reserve, should be removed, or if any items need to be replaced, for legal, curricular, or condition reasons.

In general, the following are best practices;

Placing existing DVDs, books or journal issues in the library collections into the Reserve collection for a period of time not to exceed one semester,

Placing personally owned original issue DVDs, books or journal issues into the Reserve collection for a period of time not to exceed one semester,

Placing links to articles in the library’s online databases, which require student authentication, in the online course portal or on the library’s reserves page.

Individual faculty members are responsible for understanding the College’s copyright policy and shall be accountable for any actions brought by the publisher as a result of any violation. The library’s responsibility in this area is to provide faculty members access to resources that facilitate determination of permitted uses. Faculty are responsible for consulting that information and applying it in accordance with the law.

Library Faculty and Staff Photocopying and Fax Policy

NIACC Library Faculty and Staff Photocopying and Fax Policy


The library subsidizes a limited amount of free photocopying for faculty and staff via the copier near the library’s Reference and Circulation Desk. Staff and faculty may request that a library staff member utilize the bypass key to the copier on their behalf during the library’s service hours so that the faculty member may make a limited number of black and white copies.

Up to five pages may be copied each day by an individual staff or faculty member to facilitate classwork and instruction.

Faculty may use the services of the Copy Center in MH 100 or the copier in the staff mailroom in the Administration Building to copy a greater number of pages, or to copy pages for their personal use.


Faculty and staff may use the fax machine near the library reference and circulation desk to transmit faxes.

No fee is charged for faxing documents related to College activities or documents faxed to support the staff member’s work with teaching, programmatic, or disciplinary professional associations or initiatives.

Fee charged for faxing documents personal in nature are detailed in the NIACC Photocopying and Fax Policy.

Library UPS Service for Faculty and Staff

NIACC Library UPS Service for Faculty and Staff: Guidelines

The Library provides United Parcel Service drop off for faculty and staff.

UPS comes once a day Monday through Friday for pick up.

Packages which are sent on behalf of NIACC can be shipped without charge to the sender. NIACC will assume charges for packages sent as part of NIACC work or projects.

Personal shipments are also be accepted for UPS pick up. In the case of a personal shipment, if the package does not have a prepaid shipping label attached, the library will provide an invoice for the shipping charge in your campus mailbox. The charge can be paid at the Business Office.

All packages left with the library for UPS pick up, whether personal or NIACC-related, must meet the following criteria. Any packages which do not meet all of the below criteria will be held at the Library Circulation/Reference Desk, and staff will email or call you asking that you pick the item up.

  • Items to be shipped must be packed in a box, rather than a bag or mailer.
  • Boxes must be taped securely. The Library has tape which can be used, but larger or heavier boxes may need strapping tape or wide packing tape, which is not available in the Library.
  • Packages must be shipped to United States delivery addresses. The Library cannot accept international shipments.

Questions? Contact the library at 641.422.4193 or