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Outstanding Student Contributions In Diversity

Nomination Form
The purpose of this award is to honor students that exemplify the Diversity committee’s mission: “to build community by promoting understanding, appreciation, cooperation, and communication among diverse individuals.” Examples may come from inside and outside of the classroom. Possible examples of support may include participation in volunteer service projects, Diversity activities and classroom contributions. Students from the U.S. are also eligible for this award. Students should also be a sophomore (or completing the second semester of a one-year program).

Please submit nominations(s) by April 19, 2021.

Please write a paragraph or two on the student’s behalf and be sure to address the student’s contributions to diversity in your comments.
Possible Contributions:

  • volunteer service projects
  • bringing people with other backgrounds to the college to enrich our environment
  • being a role-model/mentor to other students with diverse backgrounds
  • demonstrating friendship or peace-making skills across lines of diversity
  • sharing their backgrounds with the college community

Names of individual or individuals submitting nomination*

*(Please coordinate with other faculty/staff members if you wish.)

  • (*Please coordinate with other faculty/staff members if possible) Clicking Submit sends the secure form to Dalila Sajadian and Mara Ouverson.