Inclement Weather

When a decision is made to close campus or delay classes due to weather conditions, NIACCAlerts will alert you immediately. This is the best and most accurate means of communication. Sign up for NIACC Alerts here: http://www.niacc.edu/about/campus-safety/niaccalerts/

Cancellation or Delay of Classes: The decision to cancel, delay, or dismiss classes early will be made by the NIACC President (or designee). In these cases, the message will go FIRST on NIACCAlerts, then to all area media by 6:00 a.m. Sometimes, due to staff availability or changing weather conditions, there may be a delay in making announcements. All announcements will be provided to local media and posted on the Official NIACC Facebook and Twitter pages.

Community Education Centers and Buena Vista University: The NIACC Education Centers and BVU will follow the same announcement as on-campus, unless specified differently.

On‐Campus Evening Classes: Any decision regarding on‐campus evening classes (those starting after 6:00 p.m.) shall be made as early as possible. NIACCAlerts will be used, as well as announcements on area media.

Off‐Campus Evening Classes: Decisions regarding off‐campus attendance centers are local decisions that are made by the local K-12 superintendents.

Special Events and Auditorium Events: Such events will not be included in the general announcement issued by the College, unless specified. Sponsoring organizations will be responsible for announcements of cancellations. EXCEPTION: If it is announced that the campus is closed, all activities are canceled.