Inclement Weather

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The following guidelines will apply to cancellation or delay of College activities in case of hazardous conditions involving weather.

1. Cancellation or Delay of Classes – The decision to cancel or delay classes will be made by the President or a designee. If classes are delayed or canceled, the message will go to the radio and TV stations listed in this section by 6:00 a.m. No announcement of cancellation or delayed opening via the media by 7:00 a.m. will probably mean that classes will be held as usual that day. (Sometimes, due to staff availability or changing weather conditions, there may be a delay in making announcements.)
For a recorded announcement of NIACC campus closings due to weather call 641-422-4030.

Station  Location Frequency
KLSS/ Mason City 106.1 FM
KRIB/KYTC Mason City 1490 AM, 102.7 FM
KGLO/KSMA Mason City 1300 AM, 98.7 FM
KIA/FOX Mason City 93.9 FM, 103.7 FM
KCMR Mason City 97.9 FM
KCHA Charles City 96 FM, 1580 AM
KLMJ Hampton 104.9 FM
KIOW Forest City 107.3 FM
KRIT Clarion 96.9 FM
KUNY Cedar Falls 91.5 FM
KAUS Austin 100 FM, 1480 AM
KIMT TV Mason City Channel 3, Channel 3.1
KAAL TV Austin Channel 6, Channel 6.1

2. Delay of Classes – Students and staff will report to the class normally scheduled for that period of the day and will complete the remainder of the schedule.

3. Cancellation of Classes on Final Day of Class – When classes are cancelled on the last day of class, final grades are determined by a student’s scores at that point, or if students wish to try to change their grade, they must contact their instructor(s) to make arrangements to take a final test or hand in papers. Instructors have the discretion to honor such requests in these instances. Such requests need to occur prior to the submission date for final grades being submitted to the Registrar.

4. Community Education Centers – The Garner, Hampton, and Lake Mills Centers and classes are included in the general announcement unless specified differently. The Charles City Center is included in the general announcement of NIACC Mason City campus unless specified differently. The Charles City Center will remain open to serve community groups and receive phone messages even though day classes may be delayed or canceled. If weather conditions warrant, the NIACC Charles City Center may be closed by the President or his designee.

5. Early Dismissal of Classes – Should conditions develop during the day which would dictate that classes be dismissed early, the announcement of such dismissal will be circulated to the buildings by a member of the faculty or administrative staff. Students will not be used to circulate such information. The decision for early dismissal will be made by the President or his designee.

6. On-Campus Evening Classes – Any decision regarding on-campus evening classes (those starting after 6:00 p.m.) shall be made as early as possible with a target time of 3:00 p.m., and cancellation announcements will be given over area radio and TV listed above.

7. Off-Campus Evening Classes – If the class is held at a K-12 community school site, the decision is made by the local Superintendent of Schools with cancellation announcements initiated by him/her. If he/she closes the K-12 system, NIACC classes held in that community are likewise to be considered canceled.

8. Special Events and Auditorium Events - Such events will not be included in the general announcement issued by the College unless specified. Sponsoring organizations will be responsible for announcements of cancellations. EXCEPTION: If it is announced that the campus is closed, all activities are canceled.