Benefits of Career Link

Save Money

    • Tuition free while in high school
    • Save on college tuition upon completion of high school
    • Free textbooks

Save Time

    • Get a free head start on college
    • Receive high school and college credit at the same time
    • Graduate from college early and head into the workforce

High School Benefits

    • Take classes at your high school
    • Opportunity for success in high school
    • More satisfying high school experience
    • A positive self-image and improved self-esteem
    • Improved written, verbal and computer skills
    • High order thinking and problem-thinking skills

College Benefits

    • Receive college and high school credit for completed course work
    • Advanced enrollment standing when entering college
    • Earn college credit and experience
    • Gain experiences that lead directly to diplomas, degrees, certifications and/or apprenticeships
    • Foundation for four-year degree plan
    • Transferable to four-year colleges and universities
    • Priority status when registering for NIACC classes
    • Provide opportunity to complete general education courses required by most colleges and universities.

College Experience

    • Allows students to get an idea of what college coursework is like
    • Ease of transition from high school to college
    • Familiarity with campus atmosphere
    • Students gain hands-on training in an area of personal interest
    • Attend classes on NIACC campus

Explore a Field of Study

    • Career/technical programs give students excellent opportunities to explore career options before leaving high school
    • Allows students to explore an academic or career field
    • Career focus
    • Determine and focus on a career area best suited for you.
    • The knowledge and skills you learn can lead to finding a part-time job, summer job, or internship

Employment Advantage

    • Students enter the workforce with marketable skills
    • Technical programs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology
    • Develop career focus and achieve academic and personal goals
    • Gain valuable experience and skills
    • Increase future earning power
    • Gain marketable academic and technology skills
    • Receive a head start on the job market and/or way to pay for college
    • The job market is stronger for those who have some college education