Student Life


Professional Tutoring (Student Learning Center)

Students can walk-in or make an appointment in the Student Learning Center for professional tutoring in various subject areas. Assistance with study strategies and test taking techniques are also provided. Stop in to BC 103 for more information.

Professional Tutoring (Math Lab)

The Math Lab is located at the center of the math faculty offices. Each instructor has office hours that ensure an instructor is available during the day for questions from students. All math students have the option of going to the math lab for 1:1 help with a math faculty member, as well as help from peer tutors.

Peer Tutoring (TRIO SSS)

Participants within TRIO Student Support Services can request 1 on 1 peer tutoring for college credit courses.  Instructor referred students are then matched with the student’s schedule for a consistent tutoring relationship for the remainder of the semester.  (See more details about TRIO Student Support Services later in this document).

Study Groups = Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a small group interaction opportunity for students to gain assistance in studying for a particular class. The sessions are led by students who have previously completed the course and can offer insights, tips, and strategies for success in the class. SI sessions are interactive, providing students another opportunity to participate in the learning process and promote academic success.  SI sessions are typically scheduled two days per week the entire semester.  SI program targets traditionally difficulty academic courses; therefore, this avoids the remedial stigma often attached to traditional academic assistance programs since it does not identify high risk students, but identifies high risk classes.

Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling can assist you to gain a better understanding of the significance of your feelings, attitudes, aptitudes, and other personal data in order for you to have a more realistic basis upon which to make your own decisions. The ultimate goal is to help you grow in self-understanding so that you can cope better with your immediate situation and any problems that may arise.  Students may arrange for an appointment whenever they have something to discuss with a counselor, or visit the Counseling Center with any emergency counseling needs without an appointment.

Career Counseling

Career counseling assists students with the development of their individual career goals. Discovering a satisfying career takes careful thought and planning. At NIACC, our Career Counselor can offer you a battery of assessments to help you understand your interests, personality and values. With this important self knowledge, you can make a thoughtful decision about your education at NIACC and your career future. In career counseling various assessments may be used to help students learn about their interests, personality preferences, values, and aptitudes and how they relate to their choice of college major and future career direction.  Students may also choose to enroll in the Career Decision Making course (2 s.h.); however, tuition is charged for the course.

Transfer Assistance

Academic advising is a mandatory step in ensuring your college degree completion; therefore, student will meet with a counselor to register for courses.  Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information given in the curriculum section of the catalog, and counselors assist students in selecting appropriate courses for their program of study.  Although our counselors are very familiar with area college requirements, students should correspond with the transfer college for verification of transfer credits.  Transfer planning is supported by college representatives frequently available on campus, as well as transfer visits scheduled to area campuses, which are typically available through Student Senate or TRIO SSS.

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS)

The goal of TRIO SSS at NIACC is to promote academic and personal success of all participants. The Project offers counseling, tutoring, college survival skills, orientation classes, career exploration, transfer assistance, and cultural awareness. Recipients of these services must be citizens or legal residents of the United States who are currently enrolled full-time in a two year degree program. Participants must meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements: first generation student, low income, and/or students experiencing a disabling condition.

Disability Services

We strive to provide an accessible environment for Students, Faculty & Staff. We provide support to students with disabilities in reaching academic goals and work to ensure equal access to educational opportunities.  The Disability Counselor partners with students to develop an individual plan for services that may include accommodations, assistive technology, OnTrack time management program, among other services.

Online Screenings

Free online screenings are available for eating disorders, alcohol issues, anxiety disorders, and depression. The free screening is made available to all NIACC students and is taken anonymously. The screening is provided so that you may find out, in just a few minutes, whether or not professional consultation would be helpful to you. Upon completion of a screening, students are informed of appropriate resources immediately.

Learning Communities

Teaching teams facilitate cross-curricular courses involving several academic divisions. The paired courses help students make connections between one subject and another and between themselves and the material they are studying.

Student Learning Center (SLC)

In addition to the professional tutoring and study skill support provided at the SLC, solution manuals and study guides are also accessible.  The SLC also houses the testing center where students can make arrangements with their instructors to make up exams, utilize testing accommodations, take proctored exams for online classes, or participate in other certification testing needs, such as those necessary to continue professional certification or licensure.

The mastery programs are also located in the SLC.  Mastery Programs offer students opportunities to develop skills in math, writing, and ESL through individualized, competency-based instruction in a hybrid, arranged schedule format. Students enroll to brush up skills, accelerate learning, prepare for credit courses and as co-enrollment academic support of credit courses. Credit is pass/no pass and does not count towards a degree.  Please note Mastery Programs are developmental courses; therefore, tuition is charged.

Writer’s Workbench

Housed within the Library, the Writer’s Workbench Computer Lab provides access to computers that contain the Writer’s Workbench software program.  Writer’s Workbench is a tool to assist students in critiquing and improving their written material.  The program contains a series of analyses, which evaluates the document and highlights areas of concern, provides recommendations for improvements, and rationale for such alterations.  Usage of this program is required by communication instructors, but students are highly encouraged to analyze all college papers, reports, and even scholarship essays.  The Writer’s Workbench computer lab employs student tutors, who can provide assistance for any class requiring a computer.  On campus usage of Writer’s Workbench is free; however, the software is available for purchase for personal computer usage.

Volunteer Opportunities

Students have several opportunities to make a difference in the community by volunteering their time.  A Student Volunteer Coordinator arranges opportunities for students to volunteer at several locations around the Mason City area.  It’s easy for students because the coordinator will organize, schedule, and set-up the volunteer work.  All students have to do is show up and do the project.  You get to decide when, where, and how long you volunteer for.  Upon project completion, the coordinator records all volunteer hours for students to easily report volunteer information on scholarship or employment applications in the future.