Associate in Arts (AA) Degree

The following table includes online courses which may be used to meet the Associate in Arts (AA) Degree requirements at North Iowa Area Community College.

Important: In order to earn an Associate Degree from NIACC, you will need a total of 62 semester hours of credit, half (31) of which must be credit offered by NIACC.

AA Degree Requirement Semester Hours
Communications 9 s.h.
Composition I (Communication Skills I) 3 s.h.
Composition II (Communication Skills II) 3 s.h.
Public Speaking 3 s.h.
Humanities 8 s.h.
Art Appreciation 3 s.h
Music Appreciation 3 s.h
Introduction to Philosophy 3 s.h
Introduction to Ethics 3 s.h
U.S. (American) History to 1877 3 s.h
U.S. (American) History since 1877 3 s.h
Art History I 3 s.h.
Art History II 3 s.h.
Poetry and Drama 3 s.h.
Short Story and Novel 3 s.h
Natural Sciences 8 s.h.
College Algebra 4 s.h.
Calculus 3 s.h.
Health and Nutrition 3 s.h.
Introduction to Chemistry 4 s.h.
Introductory Biology (Biological Principles) 3 s.h.
Math for Liberal Arts (Math for Decision Making) 3 s.h.
Nutrition 3 s.h.
Introduction to Statistics 3 s.h.
Social Sciences 8 s.h.
Child and Adolescent Psychology 3 s.h.
Psychology of Adjustment 3 s.h.
Introduction to Sociology 3 s.h.
American National Government (Intro to American Government) 3 s.h.
International Relations 3 s.h.
Introduction to Psychology (General Psychology) 3 s.h.
Developmental Psychology (Human Growth and Development) 3 s.h.
Macroeconomics 3 s.h.
Microeconomics 3 s.h.
Marriage and Family 3 s.h.
Personal Finance 3 s.h.
Distributed Requirement
Choose from courses above (under Communications, Humanities,
Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences)
8 s.h.
College Essentials (SDV-199) 1 s.h.
Electives 20 s.h.
Principles of Accounting I 3 s.h.
Principles of Accounting II 3 s.h.
Beginning Web Page Development 3 s.h.
Building Codes and Standards 2 s.h.
Business Communications 3 s.h.
Business Law I 3 s.h.
Business Law II 3 s.h.
Career Decision Making 2 s.h.
Child Growth and Development 3 s.h.
Child Health, Safety and Nutrition 3 s.h.
Computer Business Applications 3 s.h.
Computer Literacy 1 s.h.
Creativity, Innovation and Opportunity Analysis 2 s.h.
Criminal Justice, Intro to 3 s.h.
Criminal Law 3 s.h.
Cultural Anthropology 3 s.h.
Intro to Early Childhood Education 3 s.h.
Early Childhood Guidance 3 s.h.
Employment Strategies 1 s.h.
Electronic Portfolio 3 s.h.
Evidence 3 s.h.
General Insurance 3 s.h.
Home and School Relationships in Early Childhood 3 s.h.
Human Relations 3 s.h.
Information Data Assurance 3 s.h.
Insurance, Property and Casualty 3 s.h.
Insurance; Life, Health and Disability 3 s.h.
Internet Law 3 s.h.
Introduction to Computers and Information Systems 3 s.h.
Introduction to E-Commerce 3 s.h.
Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3 s.h.
Intro to Keyboarding (Keyboarding Level I) 1 s.h.
Java 4 s.h.
Keyboarding Skill Development (Keyboarding Level II) 1 s.h.
Laboratory Tests 1 s.h.
Management Information Systems 3 s.h.
Marketing, Principles of 3 s.h.
Media Experience 3 s.h.
Medical Terminology I 3 s.h.
Medical Terminology II 3 s.h.
Microsoft Access 1 s.h.
Microsoft Outlook 1 s.h.
Networks, Building Multi Layer Switched 4 s.h.
Networks, Building Scalable 4 s.h.
Networks, Implementing Secure Wide Area 4 s.h.
Networks, Optimizing Converged 4 s.h.
Personal Information Management 2 s.h
Basic Presentation Software (Microsoft PowerPoint) 1 s.h.
Basic Pharmacology 2 s.h.
Programming, Intro to 4 s.h.
PTA Terminology (Physical Therapy Assistant) 1 s.h.
Principles of Banking 3 s.h.
Project Management, Fundamentals 4 s.h.
Project Management, Software 2 s.h.
Principles of Selling 3 s.h.
Successful Entrepreneur, The 2 s.h.
Supervision, Principles of 3 s.h.
Visual Communication 3 s.h.
Web Animation 3 s.h.
Web Design 3 s.h.
Web Development I 3 s.h.
Basic Word Processing 2 s.h.
Ed2Go classes (Up to 3 semesters hour of Ed2Go online
courses can be applied toward a degree. Each course is 1 s.h.)
3 s.h.
Introduction to Accounting 3 s.h.
Personal Income Tax 3 s.h.
Office Calculators 1 s.h.
Comprehensive Spreadsheets 3 s.h.
Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 1 s.h.
Introduction to Business 3 s.h.
Emerging Business practices and Technologies 3 s.h.
Early Childhood Curriculum II 3 s.h.
Introduction to Economics 3 s.h.
Children’s Literature 3 s.h.
Introduction to Hospitality Management 3 s.h.
Customer Service 2 s.h.
Basic Medical Insurance and Coding 2 s.h.
Body Structure and Function 4 s.h.
Principles of Management 3 s.h.
Human Resource Management 3 s.h.
Introduction to Sport Management 3 s.h.
Current Issues in Sport 3 s.h.
Principles of Advertising 3 s.h.
Physical Fitness I 1 s.h.
Coaching Ethics, Techniques, and Theory 1 s.h.
Athletic Development and Human Growth 1 s.h.
Intro. to Anatomy & Phys for Coaching 1 s.h.
Sports Officiating 3 s.h.
Personal Wellness 3 s.h.
Strategies for Academic Success 2 s.h.
Job Seeking Skills 1 s.h.
Career Decision Making 2 s.h.

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