NIACC Career Connections

NIACC Career Connections

What is NIACC Career Connections?

NIACC Career Connections is part of a statewide work-based learning intermediary network.  It connects students, educators, and business through relevant, work-based learning activities that foster deeper knowledge and understanding of careers and career pathways.  This is accomplished through job shadows, worksite tours, student internships, educator externships, and other strategic activities.  Activities focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), critical infrastructure, commercial and residential construction, advanced manufacturing, bioscience, and information technology careers.  However, other career clusters and pathways can also be explored.

Benefits to Students

  • Learn about employability skills
  • Develop relationships with employers
  • Discover good paying careers in north central Iowa
  • Make well informed post-secondary and career decisions

Benefits to Educators

  • Opportunity for hands-on learning
  • Tour worksite businesses and industries in the area
  • Enhance understanding of business and industry needs
  • Network opportunities with other students and educators

Benefits to Businesses

  • Discuss need for skilled workers
  • Showcase and promote business
  • Educate future workforce on career opportunities
  • Promote quality careers to area students and educators