Transferring – Financial Aid

Transferring FROM NIACC to another school (Financial Aid Responsibilities)

To avoid entering repayment on your student loans borrowed at NIACC while you are completing a degree at a new school, be sure to do the following:

  1. Add the new school to your FAFSA and work with the new school you will be attending’s Financial Aid Office.
  2. Contact your loan servicer and complete an In-School Deferment Form (In School Deferment Form).

The student is responsible for completing the student section of the form and have the remainder of the form completed at the new school’s Registrar’s office to verify and report enrollment.

Transferring TO NIACC from another school (Financial Aid Responsibilities)

  1. Add NIACC to your FAFSA – NIACC’s school code: 001877
    • Watch for correspondence from the NIACC Financial Aid Office and follow the directions
    • In determining your Financial Aid at NIACC, we must review what was used/borrowed for that school year at the previous school
  2. Contact the NIACC Admissions Office to complete your application and provide other requested documentation
  3. If you have borrowed student loans at your previous school and will be enrolled at least half-time, submit an In-School Deferment Form (PDF of form) to the NIACC Registrar’s Office. This will postpone your payments on any Federal student loans you borrowed previously.
  4. Submit any academic transcripts from previously attended colleges or universities.