FAQ – Career Link

What is Career Link?
Career Link is an exciting educational opportunity that will prepare you for a successful career by taking college courses while in high school. Through an agreement between your local high school and North Iowa Area Community College, Career Link programs and academies allow you to get a head start on your college education. When you graduate from high school you will also have completed college courses…FREE of charge.

What academies and programs are available?
Please see the academies and programs page for a list of available academies and programs.

What are some benefits?
Please see the benefits page.

How much will it cost?
All tuition and textbook costs are paid through a combination of high school, NIACC and state incentive programs. There is no cost to the student except for transportation, and in some programs, tools.

What is the Link Scholarship?
The Link Scholarship is available to high school students who have taken at least 6 NIACC credits while in high school. Click here for further info.

Who can enroll?
Career Link classes target average and high ability students. However, classes are for any student capable of successfully completing the applied curriculum. The applied academic format requires the ability to read and comprehend program-related technical materials and any activities related to the course. Special needs students may require the support of the high school resource teacher and NIACC Disability Services. Some at-risk students are motivated by the relevancy of the topics and, therefore, positive results are achieved.

How do I enroll?
Students and parents interested in Career Link programs should contact their high school guidance counselor or contact a NIACC Career Link coordinator.

Where will I take classes?
Depending on the program, students take classes at their local high school, an approved facility, or on the NIACC campus.

How do I check my NIACC grades?
Mid-term and final grades can be accessed through NIACC’s web site via MyNIACC. – How do I log on?

I am interested in attending NIACC after I graduate from high school. What do I need to do to be eligible to start classes in the fall?
You will need to fill out the application for admission and request that your official high school transcript be sent to the NIACC Admissions Office. Once your file is complete, you will receive an acceptance letter from NIACC in the mail.

How can I receive financial aid after I graduate from high school?
Check out all the financial aid questions and answers on the NIACC Admissions FAQ page.

What if I’m planning on going to a four-year college?
The knowledge and skills you learn can lead to finding a part-time job, summer job, or internship while you are in college. Career Link programs and academies can help you determine which career area is best suited for you and can provide an excellent foundation for your four-year degree plan. In addition, many of the Career Link programs and academies provide an opportunity to complete general education courses required by most colleges and universities.

How will my NIACC credits transfer?
Check out Transfer In Iowa or contact the school you plan on attending to confirm that NIACC credits are accepted. NIACC credits transfer to schools throughout the country. Sample two-year plans for transfer programs are available on the NIACC website here.

What if I have additional questions?
Contact your local high school counselor or a NIACC Career Link Coordinator.