Student Life

FAQ – Internships

Can I earn college credit?

Yes, students earn college credit upon completion of their internship. Students have the opportunity to earn from 1 to 5 semester hours of credit, credit must be determined in advance.

Does the Internship take place in the classroom?

No! Your employer becomes your teacher. Your learning takes place at your job, not in a classroom. NO TESTS!!!!! You are required to complete and submit weekly paperwork as well as a final report.

Who’s eligible for an Internship?

An internship is a privilege, not a right. Students must demonstrate their ability both personally and academically.

How long does an Internship last?

An internship is traditionally a one semester opportunity; however, there have been some occasions where certain employers may call for a two semester commitment.

When are Internships available?

Internships are available year round. It is highly encouraged and recommended to prepare at least one semester in advance for an internship in your field of study. Let your counselor know immediately that you would like to complete an internship so your schedule can accommodate the credits.

Will I receive pay for the Internship?

Currently, the majority of students completing internships are receiving pay. However, don’t let the pay, or the lack thereof, be the deciding factor in your internship. There are numerous benefits of an internship aside from the financial aspects. Keep in mind, you don’t receive pay to sit in a lecture class!

When can I register for an Internship?

Once a student has been hired for an internship, then registration is required. In addition, the student is responsible for paying the standard tuition rate and fees for the course.

Can I get credit for a job that I am currently in?

Yes, as long as you have the opportunity for new learning.