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NIACC Alumni and Student Leadership Awards
(Pathways to Success Program)

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Every April, top students of North Iowa Area Community College are recognized for their scholarship, leadership and character during the NIACC Alumni Association’s Annual Pathways to Success Luncheon. An accomplished graduate of the College is invited back each year to share his or her “Pathway to Success” with the honored students and general audience. The speaker receives the NIACC Outstanding Alumni Award for that year. NIACC Distinguished Alumni Awards are also presented during the event. The Pathways to Success Luncheon is sponsored by local businesses and organizations. Below you will find information about those who have been recognized as part of the Pathways to Success Program. (It is current at the time they were recognized.) Congratulations to all of our honorees!

2016 Student Leaders
Scott Lynch Class of 1982
2015 Student Leaders
Dr. Anne Sullivan Class of 1985

2014 Student Leaders
Bobby Grizzard
2013 Student Leaders
Karel (Kew) Murray

2012 Student Leaders
Lt. Gen. Dennis Hejlik
Terry Wisner
2011 Student Leaders
Bill Burge
Mariestelle Brown

2010 Student Leaders
Senator William Dotzler, Jr.
Dianne L. Dethmers Paca
2009 Student Leaders
Norma Cook Everist

2008 Student Leaders
Adam Bleakney
Donna DePrenger
2007 Student Leaders
Mary Stibal
Phyllis Murphy
Meredith Saunders

2006 Student Leaders
Daniel Latham
Jim and Helen Brown
Edward Hanes
2005 Student Leaders
Robert Keith
Ralph W.E. Decker
Helen Ristau

2004 Student Leaders
Dan Copeland
Jerry Hoffman
Linda Nerdig
2003 Student Leaders
Dave Johnson
Dr. Allen Blume
Kary Paulson

2002 Student Leaders
Ann Madden Rice
Dr. Darrell Fisher
Bill Stoyles
2001 Student Leaders
Dan Thomas
Michael Grandon
Joel Hanes

2000 Student Leaders
Bill Swift
Dick Carter
John Hitzhusen
1999 Student Leaders
Melinda Masson
H.E. “Speed” Ahlman
Richard Dean
Art Fischbeck

1998 Student Leaders
Donovan Haxton, Jr.
Bill and Gwen Gasperi
1997 Student Leaders
Doug Opheim
Roberta Van De Walker

1996 Student Leaders
Paula Statman
Edna Klaassen
1995 Student Leaders
Gerri Fiala

1994 Student Leaders
Glen Haydon
1993 Student Leaders
Jerry Currie

1992 Student Leaders
John Pappajohn
1991 Marvin Goldstein